Honorary Committee

Selecting the Honorary Committee is a responsible task. A writer, a member of parliament, an influential person... who deserves the title of a particularly appreciated person? It may be controversial. However, the Equality Parade has found a simple trick for every participant to identify with the Honorary Committee.

How so, you ask?


In the Honorary Committee of the Equality Parade it's YOU!

Yes, You! Every person participating in the Equality Parade is equally important to us!

The Equality Parade would not exist without you - the participants. Whether it's your first or twenty-first Equality Parade, it's an honor for us to see you there.

We know you will represent us proudly, so don't worry that you don't have enough achievements - you do! After all, you are coming to the Equality Parade - for yourself, for your future husband, for your child, for your friend, for the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Every person who takes part in the Parade and leaves us with memories and a heart is the reason we dedicate our time to prepare for our common celebration. It doesn't matter to us whether you are studying at school, working in a shop, or shining in the salons.

Every person at the Equality Parade comes with their personal story and dreams. This is much more important to us than the number of books written, interviews given, or election campaigns participated in. The Honorary Committee of the Equality Parade is a place for all those who have the desire, and often the courage, to join us. Your willingness to show who you are, to oppose the sad reality, and to shout out that Poland can no longer ignore LGBTQ+ people is truly admirable! Therefore, we hereby grant you the title of a member of the Honorary Committee of the Equality Parade!