About Us

Hello, this year (just like in previous years ;) we will make for you the most beautiful day of the year.

Ala Herda

Since 2018 at the Equality Parade, she has been responsible for coordinating the Miasteczko team, which covers all the infrastructure, safety, and partners of our picnic area. Do you remember the beautiful zones for makeup, hair, or nails? Did you lie on a blanket in Park Świętokrzyski surrounded by good music and bubbles? Did you refresh yourself with Warsaw's Kranówka? It was the team led by Ali who took care of all of this! Ala is involved in the Parade because she believes that every person deserves equal rights and respectful treatment. Privately, she is a logistics engineer and a music manager, a coordinator of various projects, because, you know, there are no impossible tasks for her! ;)

The Miasteczko team consists of: Adam, Jo, Kosma, Magda, Alex, Dawid, Miłka, Lisa

Jagna Zofia Chrulska

She joined the Equality Parade in 2019 and has probably done everything that can be done in the Parade - a true Renaissance woman! She is the soul of our Team, you can tell her everything, because she is always ready to listen to you. Since 2022, she has been co-coordinating the March team, where she watches over the safety of the march, the flow of information and the first platform. The Parade is the one day for her when Warsaw belongs to the queers. She would like it not to be just one day, but the whole life, which is why she has been involved in activism for years. In private, she is a future energy engineer, a fan of railways (maybe it's finally time for a Parade train?) and modern art.

Michał Suszek

In the Parade since 2015 - a veteran! He is responsible for coordinating the March team, taking care of the moving part of the Equality Parade. He takes care of partners and provides infrastructure essential for the safety of the March. He joined the Parade two weeks after coming out. A construction engineer by profession, he dedicates himself to Buddhist meditation in his private life.

The band Marsz is made up of: Adam, Aster, Ellis, Jagna, Julia, Maja, Mania, Michał, Pola, Sebastian, Weronika

A parade is always made up of a series of fantastic people. We are very different, but we are united by one thing - we want to create a better world for everyone - queer, female, migrant, refugee, crisis-affected individuals, in short, all excluded individuals. Our beautiful bee graphics are created by Julia, supported by Maryna. Konrad takes care of the website, while posts are written by Michał, Ania, Karolina, Klara, and Zosia - our amazing Media team. Gaba is responsible for event accessibility, and with him, you will once again create a beautiful art installation this year.

Last but not least, we thank the Basta foundation, which this year agreed to handle our event formally <3