1. Protection against discrimination and exclusion as a state obligation

We demand an active anti-discrimination policy regarding all minorities. We demand legal regulations on hate crimes and hate speech targeting LGBTQ individuals. We call for the expansion of hate speech provisions to cover issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics, and the effective enforcement of existing regulations. We also urge the media not to legitimize extremely sexist, homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic views.

2. Rights of transgender people are human rights

We demand the introduction of legal regulations facilitating the medical and legal confirmation of gender for transgender people.

3. Marriage and civil partnership by right of every citizen

We demand the introduction of full marriage equality with the right to adoption, as well as with all resulting rights and obligations, and a law regulating relationships not being marriages, in particular provisions ensuring mutual obligations of the partners.

4. Open public space without barriers

Urban space should be an area of integration for local communities. It should be inclusive and open. We appeal for cheaper access to culture, city-shaping activities in urban space, prevention of communication exclusion, and removal of architectural barriers for marginalized groups: parents and caregivers with prams, people with disabilities, and older individuals.

5. Open Poland is a friendly home for everyone, regardless of origin

Mass migrations are a fact. The next wars, actions of dictatorial regimes, and climate disaster will cause there to be more of them. Poland, like the European Union, fails the elementary test of humanitarianism. We call for the application of the 'zero push back' principle and the implementation of a comprehensive migration and integration policy, actively communicated to society. There will be no equality without treating migrating individuals with dignity.

6. Thorough education on human rights

We demand the introduction of modern, reliable and worldview-neutral education concerning human sexuality in schools and kindergartens, adjusted to perceptual capabilities and age; anti-discrimination education, teaching openness to diversity; ethics, shaping attitudes of respect and dignity for all people.

7. Respect and legal protection of animals

We demand a amendment of the Animal Protection Act, in particular the introduction of a ban on fur animal farming, animal performances in circuses, recreational hunting, and the subject and cruel treatment of animals in industrial farming. We demand real protection against suffering for all animals as conscious sentient beings: farmed, wild, stray, and domestic animals.

8. Different – equal to each other

We appeal to the LGBTQ+ community to address internal homo-, bi-, and trans-phobia, as well as any other prejudices within our community. Movements attempting to undermine the rights of transgender individuals by claiming to protect women's rights are particularly dangerous. Exclusion is not feminism; the place of transgender individuals is within our community.

9. Gender equality is the basis of a democratic state

We demand a policy for gender equality, equal treatment of women, men, and non-binary people in every sphere of life. We demand employment and compensation based on the work performed and competence, not gender. We demand a language free of sexism, the introduction of gender parity in management bodies, political structures, and in the media. We demand the assurance of full reproductive rights for citizens including: the right to information, sexual education, free contraception (including emergency contraception), and abortion on demand up to the 12th week of pregnancy. We demand respect for patient rights, limitation of the so-called conscience clause so that its application does not deprive pregnant individuals of the right to a dignified birth, as well as policies supporting parenthood. We want an increase in state aid for families with disabilities and improved enforcement of alimony.

10. Prohibition of 'conversion therapy.'

The very word 'therapy' contains a falsehood. Practices of 'treating' sexual orientation or gender identity are essentially a form of violence, often against minors. Such practices lack substantive basis and instead lead to serious mental health issues. We demand the prohibition of such 'therapies', and in cases where minors are victims, consideration of them as instances of abuse.

11. Dignity and safety of sex workers

Sex workers are part of our community and we owe their courage a movement of liberation initiated during the Stonewall riots. They should have the ability to work legally and pay taxes, but most importantly, to work safely and free from stigma. Sex work should be organized in a way that allows for full workers' rights, including the ability to join trade unions.

12. Let's take care of our common home, the Earth

Earth is our only home. Yet, we consume its resources as if we could afford to destroy it. We appeal to governments and corporations to stop destroying the environment, move away from technologies that poison the planet, and stop exploiting the weaker ones.